Why Trendz de Ushnakmals

Trendz de Ushnakmal at varanasi stands as a brand that needs no introduction. The hospitality and the personal attention meted out to the customers is one thing that makes one feel at home .
At Trendz de Ushnakmal one is sure of quality and hence we have woven relationships.

Pooja and Vikram Tandon have carried ahead the legacy of their great grandfathers who had laid the foundation of this work of art in Lahore.
The journey has been a long one with its trials and tribulations but at every step the path has been carved with intricacies meeting the demands of the time and keeping in sync.with the ever changing world of fashion.

Thread by thread we weave a cloth
We weave a garment that’s brilliant and bright
Come be a family
And weave a bond
Of threads and silk
And Kith and kin.